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9 Ways To Increase Your Sales In 2018!

It is certain that every salesman or manager of a company, institution or factory has a certain share of the market. This quota determines the number of competitors, the type of the commodity and the public’s demand for it, but sometimes this share falls from the market due to poor sales and people’s departure from this commodity. , And these are factors that lead the owner to the loss, if not aware of the seriousness of weak sales, and if not follow the steps and standards that help to win the customers again and raise the level of sales.

The Best Ways To increase sales

– Motivate sales staff by rewarding them with money, travel or some electrical or electronic equipment. This method encourages them to master their work more and better. Also, be careful to choose sales staff well and accurately. Sales staff should have a set of qualities, Including patience, wisdom and the ability to communicate with customers, and also the vulnerability.

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– Convince customers to the extent of their benefit from this product, and its characteristics distinguish it from other similar products is necessary to increase their demand to buy this product sample.

– Offering new products to production lines, and developing old products as well, this method helps to attract the best customers to these products.

– Inform customers of some future production plans, such as plans for discounts on product prices after a certain period of time. It is also possible to communicate with customers directly or by telephone or by e-mail. It is best to make offers on the product such as: On extra quantity as gift.

– It is important to appreciate and respect customers, it is certain that the treatment of a permanent customer is completely different from the treatment provided to any customer, and the appreciation of the old customers is the effective way to obtain permanent loyalty to the product.

– Develop a plan through which to coordinate the work of rewards for workers, such as discounts on official occasions, or discounts on the occasion of the same customer, and can also invite the client to eat a meal such as lunch or dinner, this method is effective for corporate clients and institutions.

– Provide samples to customers to encourage them to buy the product, such as the manufacturers of food products put Manodpin for their products at the places of sale, and these delegates to provide samples of the product to customers of this place to taste.

– Changing the name of the product or changing its cover, so that the name and exterior shape become more attractive to customers.

– Research my hands to see the views of people on the bitcoin code product, and find out the reasons for the migration of customers to buy, and then study these reasons well, to work on the treatment and find alternatives, and improve the weaknesses.

7 Figure Cycle
7 Figure Cycle

How To Sell A Product To A Customer From Start To Finish

The sale was done through the barter because there are no currencies that are used today to pay for the goods. This process was done by agreement between two people through negotiation. However, as time went on, the coins were cut. People worked to use the money as a means of selling and buying. In order to achieve profit, so found in modern times the art of selling, which develops continuously and is taught so that the seller can convince the buyer of the goods, and the presence of confidence between them.

The art of selling means the ability to sell services and products, introduce the people of the company and its products, and convince them in the process of buying by presenting the product in the most convincing way. In order to achieve this, the method of persuasion must be based on confirming the value of the product rather than the price. A need must be provided.

6 Ways to Convince Customers to Buy

Acquiring the experience of people who work in the field of sales: The person who wants to master the art of selling must consult with people who have experience in this area, and take them all the secrets of the success of the profession, and also must refer to the information available on sale, whether in books , The Internet, or other means.

Effective and useful planning: To define its objectives so that they are clear, realistic.

Attention to the exterior: The first impression that the customer takes from the seller remains entrenched in his memory, so the successful seller must work to leave a good impression of himself to be elegant, and to talk to customers.

Confidence in the self: The most profitable skill in selling is confidence, so the seller must have confidence in the introduction of products to customers by eliminating the manifestations of fear; because if the customer felt that the seller is tense, the demand for goods is less.

How to talk to the customer: The successful seller must be keen to communicate visually with the customer, in order to make the process of persuasion easier.

Knowing the customer’s demands: Talking to the customer leads to easy identification of his interests, making it easy to sell for the purposes that meet these concerns. The seller must know the specifications that the customer wants before he can submit the product so that he can know his request. The correct format.