‘A sad day’: Espanyol v Athletic Bilbao marred by alleged racist chants

Maybe it’s not his either. His name was chanted at the beginning , a really pointed show of support, but something is slipping there too. For a flash , the person Unai Emery once described as “war personified” seemed like he wasn’t fighting any longer , as if the person in black had become a standard bloke and therefore the eleven he was watching wasn’t really his. The technical area at the Wanda Metropolitano is large anyway, and just one person is allowed in there, but it’d never have looked so big, so empty, maybe even lonely, because it did on Sunday. Usually, Atlético’s manager fills the space, shouting and straining, dashing about and kicking every ball, conducting the gang also as his players, but not this time: for much of a chilly , still morning, he walked around it, going nowhere especially together with his hands in his pockets. agen judi bola https://www.judibolaterbaik.co

• Quique Setién’s Barcelona had the ball. And then, suddenly, they didn’t. And, during a flash and one pass, Valencia had a penalty. it had been only 10 minutes in, but already it had been all falling apart for Barcelona. Marc-André ter Stegen saved that penalty, diving left to deny Maxi. He also saved an attempt that flew backtrack the bar via his hands. But he couldn’t stop everything and Barcelona couldn’t stop Valencia. “I got my revenge,” Maxi said after he had scored both during a 2-0 win, their first against Barcelona at Mestalla in over a decade. it’d are more: Valencia had a 3rd goal from Gabriel ruled out. Messi had 11 shots, of the team’s 14, but only rarely seemed like he might score. He seems like he might find yourself becoming bored . “Very, very worrying,” said the front of Sport – and it had been no exaggeration for once. “Lost,” El Mundo Deportivo called them.

• Getafe needed a few of massive handball decisions to travel their thanks to beat Betis. And Joaquín wasn’t impressed with the person within the VAR room over in Las Rozas, half an hour west. “Next time he’s got us, I ask him to travel to Punta Cana instead,” he said.

• None of Real Madrid’s forwards have scored since Valencia, but regardless of . Varane, Casemiro and Nacho are enough lately . A 1-0 win in Valladolid took them back to the highest for the primary time since week eight, and while it wasn’t pretty or maybe particularly impressive, they appear increasingly likely to remain there. There’s a solidity and a competitiveness about them that speaks of Zidane’s determination to win the league, plus how that somehow they always will find a way. Usually from a cross or a dead ball – and that’s fine.

• “Poo,” Mendilibar called it, so it’s fair to mention he wasn’t impressed with Eibar’s performance.

• recover soon, Chimy. The Osasuna forward, who may need been more fun to observe than anyone else this season, the embodiment everything his team and his fans want to be, a one-man wrecking ball who literally headed in his own ‘cross’ at some point , has torn his ACL.